I built this website after an unexpected life event helped me realize that God makes no mistakes...of course...for the zillionth time in my life. You see, in His plan 16 years ago, I was chosen to be a mother to twins of the most wonderful miracles ever, including an angel baby with down syndrome and his very motherly & bossy twin sister ever invented just for him (Psalm 139:13-14). We completed our family with another boy just 21 months after our world changed for the better.

Earlier this year, I lost my job unexpectedly after what I thought was a successful 26 year career run in the HR field, hit rock bottom after absolutely being rejected by anything known to man for which I applied but told I was overqualified, then realized once again, God makes no mistakes. This time, I am reminded of the scripture Jeremiah 29:11. After the long pity party and still not knowing what I would do to support our family financially, I thought a lot and realized I found joy in crafting and making things for others. The biggest benefit is I have helpers that love it too! Although I am scared to death to take this journey, I hope you will trust me in doing any type of vinyl or screen printing work for you! I not only dedicate this work to glorify God but to all those fighting some battle or just merely wanting to show support for those that might just need a friend or a voice to raise awareness for THEM!

You will see that our logo (Angels Among Us By Design) is black and white for a reason. I originally made the logo in the traditional down syndrome awareness blue/yellow color scheme. However, overthinking as I usually do, I realized we never know whether the person(s) we encounter daily might be battling cancer, know someone autistic, etc. Therefore, I want to meaningfully dedicate my work in honor of ANY color ribbon of awareness that you or your loved ones support!

Heather Walton

703 Edgewood Dr

Brewton, Al 36426

Phone: (251) 314-1210